Stay green in Bergen - at Montana Youth and Family Hostel

The staff at Montana Youth and Family Hostel cares about the enviroment, and wishes to reflect this attitude towards preserveing the environment in our daily operation.

Bergen Youth and Family Hostel environmental policy

Our Hostel aims to achieve the best possible working environment. We strive to be among the best when it comes to environmentally friendly management; purchase environmentally friendly products and services, reduce energy consumption, and produce less waste. Our enterprise shall take responsibility and contribute to a sustainable development.


As of 2010, Montana Youth and Family Hostel is proud to be one of four Youth and Family Hostel in Norway certified as an “Eco Lighthouse“. “The Eco Lighthouse Programme“ is tailor-made for environmental certification of smaller and medium-sized companies and public administration agencies in Norway. The programme means an obligation for us to keep our impact on the environment at a minimum, thereby cutting costs and benefiting from our status as an “Eco Lighthouse“.

Since our first certification in 2004, we have experienced a string of developments in which we take great pride, such as a better working environment and a reduced sickness absence. Furthermore, we have made severe cuts in our energy consumption, as well as producing a lot less waste. At the same time, we have improved both the recycling and sorting of waste. In 2008, Montana Youth and Family Hostel was re-certified as an “Eco Lighthouse“, which attest the positive developments as well as the success of the programme. We hope our guests will help to keep up the environmental standards.