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We have a proud history.

In 1909, a teacher named Richard Schirrmann had the idea of providing low-cost overnight accommodation for young hikers, especially school parties, while he was sheltering from a thunderstorm one night during a school trip with his class. In 1912 the first permanent Youth Hostel was established in Altena in Germany`s Sauerland Region.

Today we have approximately 4000 hostels spread all over the world. Annual bed nights are getting close to 40 million.

Our Mission is clear.

The hostelling movement has always seen itself as a community that brings together people across national borders, and that contributes towards tolerance and intercultural understanding. There shall be no distinctions of race, nationality, colour, religion, sex, class or political opinions, thereby to develop a better understanding of their fellow men, both at home and abroad.

Hostelling International Norway

Hostelling International Norway, founded in 1930, is a part of the international network Hostelling International. There are now 75 HI hostels in Norway, from north to south, in the cities, in the mountains, and by the sea.  They are all different in shape and size, but great international meeting places for people from all over the world. In Fjord Norway, covering the western part of Norway, where visitors from all over the world are coming to explore our fantastic nature and our unique fjords, we have nearly 30 youth and family hostels ready to provide you and your family with low cost accommodation in a friendly and international environment.

In our hostels you can choose between; a bed in a multi bedded room, singles, doubles, or a room for the entire family. We offer a comfortable bed in a clean environment.  You will not find two identical hostels, and facilities vary from place to place, which is exactly what makes them unique. You can choose between manors, townhouses, fishermen's shacks, and log cabins, in addition to the larger buildings you will find in the cities.

However, all our hostels have something in common:

You will meet nice people from all over the world who share the same purpose -- having a nice trip filled with pleasant experiences.

You'll meet international volunteers at Montana. See what they are up to here.

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